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5 Reasons Your Food (and Money) Waste is Over with PotatoSmart

British families have a Potato Problem: over 4.4 million potatoes are wasted daily across the nation! And according to the recent report, the average British family's monthly food waste is £60... But it's time to flip this script with the new food-preserving container: the PotatoSmart.

1. The Easy Way to Cut Never-Ending Food Waste

You buy some potatoes, you put them in a pantry, and after a week or less – your potatoes are all sprouted. Oh dear! Sounds familiar? PotatoSmart helps with just that: it keeps your potatoes fresh for days longer, cutting waste to the minimum.

2. Save Money Instantly with Minimum Waste

We all know those 'invisible' expenses that feel small but add up to annoyingly huge sums over time. PotatoSmart steps in to reduce the average monthly food waste of £60. You get a container that pays for itself in a few months!

3. A New, Science-Backed Way to Preserve Food

So how do we achieve this maximum freshness? Here's the secret: the UV Protective Base creates a perfect dark environment, and the Venting Panel ensures optimal level of airflow and humidity! It all comes down to details which we take care off.

4. Over 10,530 British Families Are Saving Already

Food waste is a big problem: join us and other families in reducing it. And the savings go beyond money: reducing food waste actually helps to save the environment. We believe these problems requires a long-term solution (see Point 5!)

5. Reduces Waste Today and Saves Money for... Decades

It's no secret that our customers say they're still using their grandma's Tupperware bought ages ago! Through our 75-year history, we always strived to ensure Quality to our customers. So... a 10-Year Warranty is guaranteed on all of our products!

A Quick Way to Turn Wasting into Saving

Join us and other 10,530+ British Families: try PotatoSmart, say goodbye to food waste, and save money every month on your food bill!

Keeps potatoes fresher for longer

Saves money instantly by reducing waste

Pays for itself in months, saves for decades

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