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Cool Stackables

Thank you for purchasing your Tupperware® Cool Stackables.

Cool Stackables is a smart storage solution from Tupperware® to keep food fresher for longer.

Assembly Instructions

To assemble, allign the Max CondensControl™ Grid to the insert area of the lid and press down to place securely into cover. Hold integrated tabs on side of either base. Align bottom base with the base you are holding and snap into place. Once bases are stacked together, place cover on to store.
To disassemble, grab the top base from the tabs and push between the 2 bases. Disassemble the bases one by one.

Instructions For Use

 • Hand wash before first use.
 • You can store cold meats, sausages, pate & cheese in the Cool Stackables.
 • Remove all original packaging from cheese and cold meats and place in the Cool Stackables • container, then simply place the CondensControl lid on to the base and store in the fridge.
 • The CondensControl™ technology will then get to work, controlling the environment and creating the perfect environment for your cheese & cold meats.
 • Marinate fish or meat, cut into pieces or leave whole and marinate until ready to cook.
 • Avoid putting the container at the back of the fridge where the cooling element is located.
 • This is to prevent condensation from building up in the container.
 • The Max CondensControl Grid should be washed by hand using a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or brushes.

How To Clean

1. Wash the grid by hand with warm soapy water. All other components except the MaxCondensControl™ grid are dishwasher safe.
2. Disassemble the Max CondensControl™ grid from the cover before placing the other components into the dishwasher. Simply lift the grid through the cut-out with your finger to disassemble and snap it back in place once washed.
3. Dry thoroughly after washing.
4. Putting Max CondensControl™ Grid in the dishwasher will create holes in foil, jeopardising the products performance.
5. Do not touch the Max CondensControl grid with sharp utensils

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