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Keep The Food Fresh for 3 Weeks, Without The Messy Fridge

For a limited time, get 45% off of our best-seller.

 ★★★★★ 4.8 / 5.0


Why FridgeSmart?

Keep Food Fresh Longer

Enjoy your fruit and veggies staying fresh for up to 3 weeks!

Stylish & Organized Fridge!

Keep your fridge organised, clean and bacteria free

Save Family Time

Save time and money on supermarket trips. Better spend this time with your loved ones.

"Fridgesmart makes meal prep feel like a breeze. I am more efficient and keeps the kitchen tidy!"

- Julia S.

What Families Are Saying?

See why everyone prepares with Fridgesmart.

"I bought this to keep my fridge from getting messy. Now it's organized, and everything is in its place! Besides that, it kept my strawberries and carrots fresh for 2 weeks. I love it!"


"I was throwing out quite a bit of produce weekly because it wilted/slimed or turned brown. My daughter recommended Fridgesmart, and I just never thought I'd need them. Oh my goodness, what a difference!"


"I love Tupperware to keep all produce fresh and crisp for twice as long as any other container. My daughter's spinach and carrots lasted for 2 weeks! It is the best product out there."


How we compare

Free Shipping

2-3 Day free shipping for every order in the UK

30-Day Free Returns

Not satisfied with your order? Request an exchange or refund. No questions asked.

10 Year Guarantee

Tupperware® items you purchase from Tupperware® Direct is guaranteed for 10 Years.

How It Works? 

See science backed "magic" behind it:


Select Your Lid Option

FridgeSmart containers are designed with a three-way adjustable vent system with different options to match containers with the produce they store.


Put-In the Fridge

The FridgeSmart container grid pattern allows you to stack multiple containers on top of each other without lowering their ventilation efficiency. You can even stack containers of different sizes.


Food Stays Fresh for up to 2-3 weeks

Don't feel internal pressure to consume your veggies or fruits in a few days after you buy them, not to throw them away. Leave them for weeks and eat whenever you want!

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