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10 Year Warranty

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Keeps your countertop clean!

Invented by Earl Tupper in 1961 and recently modernised to the version you see today, the Chop Collector has been an indispensable household product for decades! It is perfect for gathering chopped ingredients while preparing them to help clear space on your cutting board, then easily pour them into your pan without making a mess on your stove. Even better, the handle is designed to hang on drawers, saving precious countertop space.


A product you never knew you needed until now! The multi-purpose Chop Collector is great for freeing up precious counter space. The handle was thoughtfully designed to hang onto a kitchen drawer. Use to hold whole ingredients, chopped ingredients or any vegetable scraps! Wide pouring spout allows you to easily pour chopped ingredients into your pan without making a mess on your stovetop.

The cover is also very versatile! Not only does it protect food from dust or bugs, it also can be used as a spatula to collect chopped food from your cutting board. Or, use it as a spoon rest to keep countertops clean. The cover can also rest vertically on the base’s handle, staying out of the way while Chop Collector is in use.

The Collector is even great for gardening! Use to collect coffee grounds, egg shells or fruit and vegetable peelings to add to your garden's compost pile.

Our vision as a company is to use our business opportunities and our products to make an impact on the world around us. The Chop Collector is part of our Recycline range, made with at least 50% recycled material.


  • Sustainable: Our Chop Collector is made out of at least 50% of recycled material.
  • Saves space: Gain extra space on your work surface by hanging the Collector by the handle on a drawer.
  • Versatile cover: Aside from covering the Chop Collector, the cover can also be used as a small tray, spoon rest, or as a spatula to easily collect chopped food from a cutting surface.
  • Multi-purpose: Use to hold whole ingredients that you will need for your recipe, hold your chopped ingredients, or to collect any peels or ends of your chopped ingredients.
  • Hygienic: Cover protects ingredients from dust or insects and rounded corners make it easy to clean.
  • Green living: Use the Chop Collector to collect produce peels or trimmings, coffee grounds or egg shells for your garden's compost or take it to a local compost centre.

Delivery & Returns

Unless otherwise stated, you should receive your product within 3-5 working days. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Return policy exclusions apply.

Safety & Care

  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils
  • Food safe
  • Not for use in the microwave
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not suitable for freezing
  • Do not use cover as a cutting board
  • Chop Collector has four slots on bottom of its base for draining food scraps into sink. Open holes with a small screwdriver that fits into size of hole: do not use a larger screwdriver as it may damage or break the bottom of the product.


What's the delivery and returns policy?

Delivery & Returns:

Unless otherwise stated, you should receive your product within 3-5 working days, however please see our main Terms & Conditions for our full terms of delivery and Return Policy.

What is Tupperware Guarantee?

10-Year Warranty

Tupperware® products are legendary for their longevity, but things do happen, so we’re proud to back up our already durable products with an extensive warranty and 10-year guarantee. Tupperware® brand products are warranted by Tupperware against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product. To submit any warranty requests, please contact us.

Can I put it in the dishwasher?

Yes, all parts are dishwasher safe.

What are the Dimensions?

W 25.7 x H 14.8 x L 24.8 cm


Is Chop Collector BPA free?

Yes, Chop Collector is made with 100% BPA-free plastic.
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Clean Countertop with Chop Collector

The multi-purpose Chop Collector is your new kitchen super tool! Use it for hold whole ingredients, chopped ingredients or any vegetable scraps. The handle allows you to easily hang the Collector onto a kitchen drawer. Finally, a clutter-free countertop for your convenience!

Combine with Other Convenient Tools!

The Chop Collector is multi-purpose and works best with other Tupperware tools. For example, PotatoSmart can hold your potatoes fresh before peeling them with a Vertical Peeler. Finally, store your peeled or chopped veggetables in the Chop Collector!

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