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Keep Your Fruits & Vegetables Fresh Weeks Longer!

With Tupperware® FridgeSmart storage containers, your produce will stay fresh for up to 3 weeks.

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Tired of Throwing Away Good Food That's Gone Bad?

Fresh fruits & veggies can go off so fast. With the price of food these days, you certainly don’t want to waste any! With FridgeSmart by Tupperware®, you won’t have to. FridgeSmart keeps your produce fresh up to 3 weeks longer… which means you’ll have better-tasting, healthier food that you can enjoy when you want it.

The average household loses £496 per year in food waste.

FridgeSmart Containers Pay For Themselves After Just One Month




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"My FridgeSmart Set Is Absolutely Brilliant."
“Things I used to throw out after just a few days, they stay fresh and amazing for weeks longer.”
“It’s also been great for help organising my fridge and keeping it tidy.”
“Not only does it save you money, it saves you time in going back to the shop.”
“Things just stay unbelievably fresh for a long time.”

How FridgeSmart Works

Patented 3-Way Venting System

Regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide helping food stay fresher much longer.

Atmosphere Controlled Environment (ACE)

Creates the optimal storage environment to keep produce from spoiling quickly, saving you money.


Eat Healthier

FridgeSmart containers preserve flavours and nutrients so you can enjoy better tasting food, longer!

FridgeSmart Is Guaranteed for 10 Years

At Tupperware®, we stand behind our products. If anything goes wrong with your FridgeSmart containers in the first 10 years after your purchase, just let us know and we’ll replace it free of charge. That’s the Tupperware® guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with my order?
The 4 piece starter set includes: Two "1.8 L Small Deep" containers, one "4.4 L Medium Deep" container and one "1.8 L Medium" container.

What are the dimensions of each piece?
The FridgeSmart Small Deep is W 5.6" x H 5.3" x L 7.4" tall with a capacity of 1.8L, can keep fruits and vegetables such as: been sprouts, beetroot, brussel sprouts, fresh herbs, and others.

The FridgeSmart Medium Deep is W 7.4" x H 5.3" x L 11.2" tall with a capacity of 4.4L, can keep fruits and vegetables such as: apples, artichokes, beetroot, bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and way more.

The FridgeSmart Medium is W 7.4" x H 2.7" x L 11.2" tall with a capacity of 1.8L, can keep fruits and vegetables such as: asparagus, been sprouts, beetroot, blueberries, brussel sprouts, carrot and more.

Are FridgeSmart containers safe in the dishwasher, freezer, or microwave?
FridgeSmart containers are dishwasher safe and fridge safe. They are not recommended for use in a microwave oven.

How does the 10-year warranty work?
Tupperware® products are legendary for their longevity, but things do happen, so we’re proud to back up our already durable products with an extensive warranty and 10 year guarantee. Tupperware® brand products are warranted by Tupperware against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product. To submit any warranty requests, please contact us.

How does the 3-way venting system work?
Even after being harvested, fruits and vegetables continue to “breathe” by exchanging beneficial oxygen for carbon dioxide. FridgeSmart containers’ 3-way venting system balances the flow of oxygen coming in and carbon dioxide going out, which regulates the atmosphere inside the container. Some fruits and vegetables require more oxygen than others to stay fresh and crisp. FridgeSmart containers allow you to store produce from the same “breather” group–low, medium and high–together, keeping foods fresher longer.