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UK family's average monthly food waste is *£60...

This Container 

Helps to Save It

3,500+ | 4.8/5.0 Star Reviews


Finally, a way to stop wasting money on rotten fruits and veggies! Reduce your family's food waste and save money instantly.

Enjoy Fresh Food: Your fruits & veggies stay fresh for 2x longer

Reduce Waste: Average UK family's monthly food waste is £60*

Save Money: A container that pays for itself in a few months!

or 3 interest-free payments of £19.99 with


Salad stuff, fruit and vegetables last ages in these containers. The investment pays for itself - we no longer throw food away!

Jacqy M., Verified Buyer

The average UK family food waste is £720 per year...

...and here's how FridgeSmart helps you minimise it and save money:


ACE System Increases Freshness

Our Atmosphere Controlled Environment (ACE) system maintains optimal humidity and keeps produce fresh for 2x longer.


Food Waste Goes Down

As your fruits & vegetables stay fresher for longer, the £720 average annual food waste goes down significantly.


You Save Money for Years

FridgeSmart (now £59.99) pays for itself in a few months by cutting waste. And it keeps on saving, as it lasts 10+ years!

Not Cheap, but the Quality You Seek

See how FridgeSmart compares to others!

Not Cheap, but the Quality You Seek

See how FridgeSmart compares to others!

3 Reasons Why FridgeSmart is Worth It

#1 Storage Lasts Generations

Quality lasting over a decade: many customers say they are still using their grandma's Tupperware bought ages ago!

#2 Fresh Food for 2x Longer

Enjoy delicious fruits & veggies for up to twice as long. The Atmosphere Controlled Environment system takes care of that!

#3 Save Money For Years to Come

Cut down on food waste and save money! As FridgeSmart lasts for 10+ years, the monthly savings add up quickly.

Get 2x Longer Freshness

Save Time & Money

Organised Fridge

Reduce Food Waste

Food-Safe Storage

Keep Taste & Flavour

4.8/5 - 3,500+ Ratings

Check How Others Are Saving!

"What a money saver"

"I love my Tupperware. I find I am not throwing my veg away any more as it stays fresh in my Tupperware. A great investment."

Ros E.

"Tupperware always delivers"

"I’m still using containers bought in the 1980s. I have a glut of cucumbers just now and they are keeping well in  FridgeSmart."

Josephine T.

"Worth the money"

"Must admit i was a bit hesitant if these would be worth the money but i can honestly say it kept my lettuce fresh and crispy for days longer!"

Carol M.

What's Included in the Set?

1x Medium Deep (4.4L)

W 19 x H 13.5 x L 28.5 cm

Perfect for any bigger-sized fruit or vegetables or even a larger bag of spinach, lettuce or salad mix.

1x Medium (1.8L)

W 18.7 x H 6.8 x L 28.5 cm

Ideal for keeping your asparagus fresh, your carrots crunchy, and your strawberries sweet.

2x Small Deep (1.8L)

W 14.2 x H 13.4 x L 18.8 cm

From berries and grapes to cherry tomatoes, the Small Deep is a great space-saving size.

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