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Easy Hack to Keep Veggies Fresh for up to 16 Days

Summer goodies go bad extremely fast, but there is a solution


Keeping freshness is key in preserving flavour and texture

Everybody loves a freshly picked salad on hot summer days. But nobody likes vegetables that go squishy, overripe, or even mouldy just a few days after a trip to the supermarket.

But hold on – a series of other problems emerge besides a ruined evening meal. For example, massive food waste: according to Waste Managed 2023 Statistics, 170,000 tonnes of salads are wasted in the UK each year, which harms the environment.

People are losing time & money, too: buying food that goes bad quickly and making more trips to the supermarket. And with UK food inflation still at high levels (17.4% annual rate in June), the rising prices quickly eat up the savings of Britons.

One solution is storage containers that preserve the vegetable flavour, texture, and freshness. Some of them can keep vegetables fresh for 16 days, and plenty of people are reducing daily food waste, saving money, and enjoying healthy dinners with their families.

The Express interviewed storage experts at Tupperware, who introduced a brand new food storage container called FridgeSmart.

A science-backed method to achieve freshness

Tupperware is no stranger to the food storage industry, as the brand has been around for 75 years. The storage experts are working with top food scientists from the University of Florida to design efficient storage methods. Here’s what the Tupperware's creators had to say.

“Each FridgeSmart container has an easy-read diagram printed directly on the container showing which vent setting to use for different common fruits and vegetables.

The Tupperware containers divide fruits and vegetables into different categories: high breathers, medium breathers, and low breathers, depending on how much air the item needs. For example, lettuce is classed as medium breathers; for this, you slide the vent switch to the half-open side (indicated by the half-moon symbol)“.

Your can keep your fruits and veggies fresh, crisp and tasty for 2x longer.

Starting today.

FridgeSmart keeps veggies fresh for up to 16 days, almost twice as long

What’s the secret behind the container’s ability to hold freshness for longer? Tupperware’s advanced ACE™ (Atmosphere Controlled Environment) technology.

“The FridgeSmart system regulates moisture levels to keep your food fresher for longer, so just wash when you're ready to eat,” the experts advised.

The ACE™ system sets up FridgeSmart apart its alternatives. For example, mason jars or fridge drawers are not airtight, meaning your veggies get spoiled quickly.

But FRIDGESMART® is different in many other ways.

The containers were designed with quality and durability in mind. FridgeSmarts last for 10 years and are made from 100% BPA-free plastic, avoiding any artificial chemicals from its production. It also means they are less prone to scratching or breaking unlike glass containers.

FridgeSmart received plenty of rave reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Ivy Pearson

Tupperware Customer

"It can really keep my food fresh for so long. We are now two weeks into salad, chives and celery, all still perfectly fresh. Really crunchy. I love my Tupperware!"

Your can keep your fruits and veggies fresh, crisp and tasty for 2x longer.

Starting today.


How exactly does FRIDGESMART® work and what sets it apart?

Most food containers take the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, where all vegetables are kept in the same conditions. The problem, however, is that lettuce and other veggies need different oxygen inflows to stay fresh. The FRIDGESMART® ACE™ technology sets tailored ventilation to keep all your veggies fresh.


Adding lettuce or other salad veggies inside the FridgeSmart is recommended with no washing beforehand due to excess moisture.

Set Up

Setting a venting option on the lid regulates the oxygen flow for different veggies. A handy chart on the side enables an easy set-up.


The ACE technology keeps lettuce and other veggies fresh, crisp and flavourful for up to 16 days or twice as long.

What also makes FRIDGESMART® outstanding is that its materials contain zero chemicals and are 100% BPA-free. Tupperware uses quality materials in all its containers to ensure food can be stored in healthy conditions.

Mary Hanson

Tupperware Customer

"I have tried SO many containers and have spent so much money on wasted fruits and vegetables. Finally, I found how to change that. Now it's just FridgeSmart!"

Your can keep your fruits and veggies fresh, crisp and tasty for 2x longer.

Starting today.

Convenience, organization and freshness in one container

FRIDGESMART® by Tupperware enables people to reduce massive food waste, help the environment, and ultimately save money & time.

2x Longer Freshness

Save Time & Money

Clean & Tidy Fridge

Reduce Food Waste

Eat Healthy Food

Preserve Flavour

Less food waste means less money spent, which helps to cut down on food bills. Additionally, this saves people time as they need less trips to the supermarket, because fruits & vegetables stay fresher for longer.

Finally, FridgeSmarts help to stay organized in the kitchen. A stackable design allows for convenient storage inside the fridge, keeping it clean & organized.

How much does it cost

The FRIDGESMART® 4 Piece Set contains four containers of different sizes, with the total value of £92.96. The price reflects Tupperware's product durability: after all, the brand guarantees a 10-year warranty, with many products lasting beyond 10 years.

What's more, the containers are effectively paying off for themselves due to reduced waste and trips to the supermarket. Many customers report they are enjoying Tupperware's containers for 10+ years and avoid losing money on veggies that go bad quickly.

But right now, The FRIDGESMART® 4 Piece Set is priced at £59.99. This comes as a discounted bundle deal, as the value of containers is £92.96 (£32.97 savings).

The Tupperware's product value is based on their 75 year history of delivering sustainable food storage solutions to kitchens globally. The airtight seal, durable construction and a 3-way venting system sets it apart from other food storage alternatives.

Currently, the Tupperware's FridgeSmart container set (4 pieces) is in stock and sells at a 35% discount (£59.99). FRIDGESMART® comes just in time for summer: to help you enjoy fresh, tasty and healthy veggies for longer.

Save £32.97 when you purchase FridgeSmart® 4 Piece Set



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