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A must-have set for potato prep!

The Essential Potato Set includes everything you need to keep potatoes fresher for longer and make your food preparation quick, easy and mess-free. It’s the must-have collection for any potato-loving kitchen!
We all love potatoes but keeping them fresh can be a challenge – just where do you keep them? And when it comes to making dinner, peeling can be fiddly and leaves a mess on your counter tops. Fortunately, the Tupperware® Essential Potato Set includes everything you need to keep your spuds fresher for longer, speed up meal prep and reduce mess. It’s the must-have collection for any potato-loving kitchen!
PotatoSmart – Keeps potatoes dry, firm and fresher for longer!
  • Air vents for happy spuds: Say goodbye to sweaty potatoes stored in a plastic bag. With the dark and airy PotatoSmart your potatoes will stay dry, firm and fresher for longer!  
  • Modern design: The curved walls and shape of PotatoSmart not only create the ideal environment for potatoes, but it also looks great on your countertop.  
  • Huge 5.5L capacity: Stores up to 5kg of potatoes! Also really handy for storing other non-airtight items... dried pet food or children's sweets and snacks. 
  • Easy to use: Simply remove your potatoes from their original packaging and place straight into your PotatoSmart. That’s all there is to it! 
  • Clean cupboards and countertops: no more mud and dirt in your cupboards or on your countertops! No more ugly potato bags lying around, simply place your potatoes inside the container and store on the countertop, or in the cupboard or pantry. Keep your kitchen neat and tidy, ready for preparing your favourite meals. 
  • Easy access design: A generous opening of the seal cap makes it easy to reach the potatoes in the container, rather than rooting through a flimsy potato bag.  Sustainable future: The UK throws away 4.4 million potatoes every single day. That’s more than 1.6 billion potatoes every year. All that contributes to our carbon footprint. By preserving potatoes with PotatoSmart, you’re not just saving money, you’re doing your bit for the planet.
Chop Collector – Saves space and keeps countertops clean and tidy
  • Multi-purpose: Use to hold whole ingredients before prepping, chopped ingredients ready for the pan, or to collect peels or ends of chopped ingredients. Perfect for minimising mess on your countertop.
  • Space-saver: Gain extra space on your work surface by hanging the Collector by its handle on a drawer.
  • Versatile cover: Cover doubles as a small tray, spoon rest, or even a spatula for collecting chopped food from your chopping board.
  • Sustainably sourced: Made with at least 50% recycled material.
Project K Vertical Vegetable Peeler – Makes peeling faster and easier
  • Stainless steel blade: Angled and designed to peel only a thin layer to reduce food waste and minimise damage to your fruits and veggies.
  • Eye remover: Quickly and easily remove all unwanted spots on your spuds, or other fruits and vegetables.
  • Versatile: Perfect for potatoes and all hard fruits and vegetables, like mangoes, apples, turnips, parsnips, carrots and more! Even great for making shavings of chocolate, cheese or citrus fruit.
  • Ergonomic handle: Comfortable for both left and right-handers, no more excuses for not helping in the kitchen!

What's Included in the set?

  • PotatoSmart 5.5L: W 17 x H 23 x L 26 cm (600g weight) 
  • Chop Collector: W 25.7 x H 14.8 x L 24.8 cm (295g weight) 
  • Vegetable Peeler: W 4 x H 2.3 x L 17.5 cm (29g weight)

Whats the delivery and returns policy?

Delivery & Returns:

Unless otherwise stated, you should receive your product within 3-5 working days, however please see our main Terms & Conditions for our full terms of delivery and Return Policy.

What's is Tupperware Guarantee?

10-Year Warranty

Tupperware® products are legendary for their longevity, but things do happen, so we’re proud to back up our already durable products with an extensive warranty and 10 year guarantee. Tupperware® brand products are warranted by Tupperware against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product. To submit any warranty requests, please contact us.

Can I put it in the dishwasher?

Yes, all Essential Potato Set components are dishwasher safe.

What are Safety & Care Guidelines?

Project K Vegetable Peeler:
  • Due to the sturdy material of the heads and the sharpness of the blades, we recommend never removing the blades from the heads to prevent injury.

Is Essential Potato Set BPA free?

Yes, all components are made from 100% BPA-free plastic.
Join millions of happy Tupperware® Customers enjoying their PantrySmart.
Happy Tupperware Customers Worldwide

Preserve Potatoes, Enjoy Delicious Meals!

PotatoSmart container offers perfect lighting conditions, sufficient ventilation and optimal humidity to extend the life of your produce. Pair it with the Chop Collector and the Peeler to enjoy a delightful meal prep! Fresh produce, organised countertops and a clean kitchen allow you to enjoy delicious, fuss-free potato dishes with your family.

"I absolutely love that it fits in my cabinets and frees up my counter-space, where it used to reside."

The Essential Set For Potato Dish Prep


Neat and Tidy

No more ugly potato bags lying around, simply place your potatoes inside the container and store on the countertop or inside your pantry.

Less Waste

The Project K Peeler blade is angled and optimally designed to peel off only a thin layer.

Multiple Purposes

Store whole ingredients while preparing, hold chopped pieces, or collect peels: ultimate organisation in the Chop Collector.

User-Friendly Design

Flip-front access panel has the ideal number of holes for optimal air circulation.




Store Your Vegetables Smarter

Pair the PotatoSmart with OnionSmart and GarlicSmart to get the ideal storage containers for all of your vegetables. 

Neat & Tidy

A product you never knew you needed until now! The multi-purpose Chop Collector is great for freeing up precious counter space. The handle was thoughtfully designed to hang onto a kitchen drawer. Use to hold whole ingredients, chopped pieces or any vegetable scraps!

No Chemicals, No Clutter.


Our commitment to you is simple: to provide safe, high-quality products that are also good for the planet. We go the extra mile to ensure that our products are 100% BPA-free, so you can trust that what you're using is safe for you and your family. 

What's Included?

Weight & Dimensions
  • PotatoSmart 5.5L: W 17 x H 23 x L 26 cm (600g weight)
  • Chop Collector: W 25.7 x H 14.8 x L 24.8 cm (295g weight)
  • Vegetable Peeler: W 4 x H 2.3 x L 17.5 cm (29g weight)