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Your new reusable, responsible, refreshing hydration bottles!

You can make a small change with a big impact by using the Eco Bottles 750ml. Our leakproof, reusable Eco Bottle is our first water bottle made with certified renewable biomaterials. By choosing the Eco Bottle, you’ll keep approximately 14kg of single-use bottles out of landfills per year and do good for our planet!


Our sustainably-sourced Eco Bottles made with certified renewable biomaterials provide a sustainable, cost-effective way for taking water, or any other non-carbonated, cold liquids on-the-go.​

Thanks to its shape, it fits in the fridge door and its Easy Drink Cap makes it comfortable to drink from while walking, playing sports or enjoying any outdoor activity.

​ See-through design allows you to view its contents. Its ergonomic design allows you to easily grip and hold it securely while drinking. The Easy Drink Cap's small opening safely regulates the flow of the fluid, making it more comfortable to drink from.​

The cap fits on any size Eco Bottle so you can mix and match colours and ring allows you to add a handle or strap for easy carrying.​


  • Made with renewable material: Our sustainably sourced bottle is made with a minimum of 60% certified renewable biomaterials.​
  • Environmentally friendly: Think of how many plastic disposable bottles are thrown away every day. You can help reduce that number simply by using an ECO Bottle!​
  • Staying hydrated just got easier: The Eco Bottle is lightweight, leakproof and small enough to tuck in a tote bag or backpack, so you can take it with you wherever and however you travel... by car, train, foot or bike! ​
  • Easy drinking and hygienic covered spout: Flip cap design allows for smooth flow when drinking. 
  • Easy cleaning and refilling: Large neck opening makes it easy to clean and refill with water or ice cubes!​
  • Stands the test of time: Made from extremely durable material, your long-lasting Eco Bottle can be used over and over again without worry of breakage!
Use and Care:​
  • Not suitable for use with hot or carbonated beverages or with carbonating devices.​
  • The Eco Bottle is dishwasher-safe, it is also hand-washable using a bottle brush, warm water and a little dishwashing liquid.​
  • The Easy Drink Cap is dishwasher-safe. Just place it in the open position on top rack.
  • ​ It is recommended to wash your Eco Bottle daily.​
  • Allow the bottle to dry, open when not in use.​
  • Liquids with spices, tomato or carrots can cause staining; this will not affect the performance of the product.

What's Included?

  • 3x Eco Bottles 750ml

Delivery & Returns

Unless otherwise stated you should receive your product within 3-5 working days. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Return policy exclusions apply.


What's the delivery and returns policy?

Delivery & Returns:

Unless otherwise stated, you should receive your product within 3-5 working days, however please see our main Terms & Conditions for our full terms of delivery and Return Policy.

What is Tupperware Guarantee?

10-Year Warranty

Tupperware® products are legendary for their longevity, but things do happen, so we’re proud to back up our already durable products with an extensive warranty and 10-year guarantee. Tupperware® brand products are warranted by Tupperware against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product. To submit any warranty requests, please contact us.

What are the dimensions?

  • 750ml: L 8 x W 8 x H 26 cm​

Are the Eco Bottles BPA-free?

Yes, the Eco Bottles are made from 100% BPA-free materials.
Join millions of happy Tupperware® Customers enjoying their kitchen items.
Happy Tupperware Customers Worldwide

Reduce Plastic Waste

The stylish new Eco Bottles not only look great, but also help save the environment! A single unrecycled plastic bottle takes 450 years to biodegrade. That’s just one of the reasons to feel good about our Eco Bottle. Easy to fill and store, you can use it over and over. Enjoy fresh water and do good for the planet!

Built to Last

For more than 75 years we’ve delivered products that are built to stand the test of time, trusted companions in the homes of millions all over the world. That’s why many of our customers tell us they’re still using Tupperware containers they bought decades ago, or are even still using their grandma’s old sets. But in case anything does happen, all our products come with an extensive 10-year warranty.

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